About The TerraFins

Meet The Team


Grant Dong


Hey! I’m Grant, your President! I've been diving for about 3 years now and my favorite dive would probably be the first time I went diving in the US Virgin Islands. The water was absolutely phenomenal. There was the craziest varieties of fish and coral as well. What really made the trip special was how unbelievably friendly the local diving community was. I still remember sitting on the beach with my fellow divers laughing and telling each other stories as we put our gear away and waited for the sun to set. The people are what truly makes this sport special!


Bailey Konold


Hey! I’m Bailey, I run the club’s financials. I’ve been diving for almost 4 years now and am currently a rescue diver. My favorite dive so far was at the National Aquarium, their Atlantic Coral Reef exhibit is packed with life. It was amazing to be able to interact with all of the animals in the tank, but the best part was interacting with the people on the outside. I hope that by interacting with the guests and showing them how much fun diving is, I may have inspired others to join the world of scuba.


Matteo Marchi

Director of Events

Hello! I’m Matteo, your Event Organizer and local Italian immigrant. I love diving and I’ve been doing it since I was 8 (if you consider sitting in a pool and breathing out of a pony bottle as diving). I am a current Rescue diver and I got my certifications in Mexico, Roatan, and most recently Italy. My favorite dive ever was a Night Dive in Roatan, Honduras. If you think that the underwater world is mysterious and alien during the day, at night it’s a whole other dimension! All my life, I’ve always noticed how the diving community is becoming older and older. I hope that together we can spread a passion for diving to our generation!